Is nuclear energy a primary energy source

Nuclear energy is a primary energy source. Primary energy refers to the unprocessed energy resources existing in the original form in nature. Also known as natural energy. Secondary energy refers to the energy obtained after processing and conversion of primary energy

Is nuclear energy a primary energy source


1. Nuclear power generation does not emit a huge amount of pollutants into the atmosphere like fossil fuel power generation, so nuclear power generation will not cause air pollution

2. Nuclear power generation will not produce carbon dioxide aggravating the global greenhouse effect

3. Uranium fuel used in nuclear power generation has no other uses except power generation

4. The energy density of nuclear fuel is millions of times higher than that of fossil fuel, so the fuel used in nuclear power plants is small and convenient for transportation and storage. A 1000 megawatt nuclear power plant only needs 30 metric tons of uranium fuel a year, which can be transported by one flight aircraft

5. In the cost of nuclear power generation, the proportion of fuel cost is low, and the cost of nuclear power generation is less vulnerable to the international economic situation, so the cost of power generation is more stable than other power generation methods< br/>

Is nuclear energy a primary energy source


1. Nuclear power plants will produce high-level and low-level radioactive waste, or used nuclear fuel. Although the volume is small, it must be handled carefully due to radiation, and must face considerable political problems

2. The thermal efficiency of nuclear power plants is low, so they emit more waste heat to the environment than ordinary fossil fuel power plants, so the thermal pollution of nuclear power plants is serious

3. The investment cost of nuclear power plants is too high, and the financial risk of power companies is high

4. Nuclear power plants are not suitable for on load operation of peak and off peak

5. The construction of nuclear power plants is prone to political differences and disputes

6. There are a lot of radioactive substances in the reactor of the nuclear power plant. If they are released to the external environment in the accident, they will cause harm to the ecology and the people

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