The difference between corolla and corolla

At present, the English name of corolla is corolla. When it was introduced into China five years ago, Corolla was the ninth generation product of Toyota, and corolla is the Chinese translation of corolla, the tenth generation product of Toyota. The word behind the corolla butt is corolla, but corolla is the next generation of corolla. In terms of configuration, corolla is better, The space is a little larger

The difference between corolla and corolla

the difference between corolla and corolla:

1. Lamps, front and rear lamps are different. Carola's back lamp is directly retracted with corners. The Corolla is oval. On the side, the front of the Corolla is longer than Carola's

2. Above the door frame, the Corolla is the same color as the car. Carola is black and the rubber is wider. Carola pays more attention to oil circuit control because it focuses on emission, and its power performance is slightly poor

3. Corolla is pump steering and corolla is electronically controlled steering, so corolla is more advanced and can also follow the speed. The Corolla is 170 off the ground, almost the highest in the car, and corolla is low

4. Carola is inclined to move, and the angle of turning is better than that of corolla. The Corolla is a cable accelerator and a corolla electronic accelerator. When starting, the Corolla is a little faster

5. The car body strength of corolla is higher than that of corolla

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