Can I put the bowl in the oven

Ceramic and glass bowls can go into the oven, while metal and plastic bowls can't go into the oven

Can I put the bowl in the oven

expanded data:

1. Porcelain bowl

most of the bowls used on the table are made of ceramic materials. Although ceramics are fragile, the bowls made of ceramics are the healthiest, Therefore, most people will choose ceramic bowls, so ceramic bowls can also be directly put into the oven

because ceramics are forged in a high temperature environment, it can withstand the high temperature. There is no problem putting ceramic bowls into the oven. It will not break when the temperature rises and will not release any toxic chemicals

2. Glass bowl

everyone must be familiar with the bowls we usually use. Almost every family also has an oven. The oven is specially used to heat food and can also make delicious snacks for us. We all know that not all kinds of bowls can be put into the oven. If the bowls are inappropriate, it will cause explosion

Can I put the bowl in the oven

therefore, we must understand the most basic common sense. Glass bowls can be placed in the oven, but this kind of glass bowl must be resistant to high temperature. Glass bowls that cannot withstand high temperature are easy to burst when the oven temperature rises

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