What are soft drinks

What is soft drink?

soft drink refers to natural or artificial beverage with alcohol content less than 0.5% (mass ratio). Also known as cool drinks, alcohol free drinks. The alcohol limit refers to the solvent used for dissolving flavors, spices, pigments, or lactic acid drinks. p>

What are soft drinks

the main raw materials of soft drinks are drinking water or mineral water, fruit juice, vegetable juice or extracts of plant roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits. Some food additives include sweeteners, acids, fragrances, spices, edible pigments, emulsifiers, foaming agents, stabilizers and preservatives. Its basic chemical components are water, carbohydrates and flavor substances. Some soft drinks also contain vitamins and minerals. There are many kinds of soft drinks. According to raw materials and processing technology, it is divided into 8 categories: carbonated beverage, fruit juice and beverage, vegetable juice and beverage, plant protein beverage, plant extract beverage, lactic acid beverage, mineral water and solid beverage; According to the nature and drinking object, it is divided into four categories: special purpose drinks, health drinks, table drinks and public drinks. Countries all over the world usually adopt the first classification method. However, in the United States, Britain and other countries, soft drinks do not include fruit juice and vegetable juice

carbonated drinks

are bubble drinks formed by mixing carbon dioxide gas with various spices, moisture, syrups and pigments. Like coke, soda, etc. The main components of carbonated drinks include acidic substances such as carbonated water and citric acid, white sugar and spices, and some contain caffeine. Excluding the beverage with carbon dioxide generated by fermentation, the carbon dioxide capacity in the finished product (volume at 20 ° C) shall not be less than 2.0 times. It is divided into juice type, fruit flavor type, cola type, low calorie type and other types

What are soft drinks

fruit juice (pulp) and fruit juice beverage

includes fruit juice (pulp) and fruit juice beverage. Fruit juice (pulp) is a kind of fruit juice (pulp) or mixed fruit juice products obtained by processing fresh or refrigerated fruits with moderate maturity as raw materials. Fruit juice beverage: the fruit juice beverage products obtained by adding sugar solution, sour agent and other ingredients to the fruit juice (pulp) products can be drunk directly or diluted. It is divided into original fruit juice, original fruit pulp, concentrated fruit juice, concentrated fruit pulp fruit juice beverage, pulp beverage, fruit grain fruit juice beverage and high sugar fruit juice beverage

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