What does the meat smell in ancient times mean

In ancient times, meat refers to vegetables with foul smell and peculiar smell, such as onion, garlic, leek, Allium macrostemon, Xingqu, etc; Fishy means that all meat, whether sea or land animals, belongs to fishy. In modern Chinese dictionaries, meat refers to animal food such as chicken, duck and fish; Fishy refers to food that emits a strong smell

What does the meat smell in ancient times mean

the Han culture has long had the tradition of linking vegetarianism with cleanliness. In many Confucian classics and etiquette norms, it is necessary to abstain from meat before holding a sacred ceremony to show their cleanliness, To a certain extent, this concept has affected the Buddhism in the Han area. Buddhist temples in the Han area are mostly jungles with a tradition of farming. Monks do not need to beg for food, but go out to plough and cultivate by themselves. In that case, it is impossible to choose killing and eating meat

What does the meat smell in ancient times mean

the most important point is that Han Buddhism is not based on the law of Mahayana, but mainly on the classics of Mahayana

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