What do high-speed rail candidates mean by grabbing tickets

Waiting for tickets means that passengers buy tickets through the system. If there is no ticket for the train number and seat type, they can submit the ticket purchase demand according to the date, train number and seat type. After the ticket payment is prepaid, the ticket sales system will automatically arrange online waiting. When the ticket available for sale is generated for the corresponding train number and seat due to ticket refund, ticket change and other businesses, the system will automatically cash the ticket and notify the passengers of the ticket purchase results.

What do high-speed rail candidates mean by grabbing tickets

High speed rail ticket grabbing skills

1. "Skip station ticket buying" may be easy: when buying a passing bus ticket, passengers can buy it from the first one or two stations in the departure city, and then get on the bus at this station to avoid popular stations, which can improve the success rate of ticket buying.

2. Pay attention to the extra temporary trains: during the Spring Festival transportation, the railway department will add temporary passengers in the popular direction. Temporary tickets are not subject to pre-sale restrictions. Once it is determined to open temporary tickets, an announcement will be issued and tickets will be released at the first time. Paying attention to these announcements can also increase ticket grabbing opportunities.

What do high-speed rail candidates mean by grabbing tickets

3. Try to book tickets by phone in other cities: if the network is busy, you can also try to book tickets by phone. Telephone booking can book and pick up train tickets in different places. If the order is made before 12 o'clock of the current day, the order will be kept until 12 o'clock of the next day; If the order is made after 12 o'clock of the current day, the order can be retained until 24 o'clock of the next day.

4. Use automatic refresh to lock seats: on the "ticket reservation" page of the website, there is an option of "open self-service query" under the query button on the right, which will be submitted automatically after selection. At most 5 passengers can be selected at one time. After selecting the corresponding time and seat, the system will automatically refresh the seat of the train number every 5 seconds. After finding the corresponding seat, the system will automatically lock the seat and input the verification code to automatically submit the order, which greatly improves the ticket grabbing efficiency.

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