I'm numb. What's it

Speechless, a popular Internet language, is usually used to make complaints about slight helplessness, depression and speechlessness, which means that people or things can not be understood, unable to communicate and unable to speak. Speechless, "I can't use words, I can't understand, I can't change my mind, I can make complaints about it.

I'm numb. What's it

The word "I'm numb" is widely used, such as "I'm also numb and don't want to say more." there is a trend to develop into fixed sentences. The word "I'm numb" has the same meaning as "I'm drunk", and the two are often used alternately. "I'm numb Speechless, won't listen to reason, make complaints about the other's actions, and express their feelings of frustration, silence and inability to communicate.

I'm numb. What's it

Due to the development and strength of the network, an endless stream of popular network words can always appear on the Internet. Network language refers to the language generated and applied to the network. Network language is a language generated from or applied to network communication, including Chinese and English letters, punctuation, symbols, Pinyin, icons (pictures) and words. This combination often expresses special significance in specific network media communication. At the beginning of the 1990s, in order to improve the efficiency of online chat or the specific needs such as humor and amusement, netizens formed a specific language over time. In the past ten years of the 21st century, with the innovation of Internet technology, this language form has developed rapidly in the communication of Internet media. At present, network language has increasingly become an indispensable part of people's network life. However, it should be noted that some network languages do not comply with the grammatical provisions of our modern Chinese, so they do not have teaching significance and cannot be introduced into the field of teaching.

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