Does fitness weight-bearing affect the heart

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Fitness weight-bearing may have an impact on the heart. Chest tightness and palpitation may occur after training. Weight-bearing training may also pose a threat to the joints or waist, resulting in serious joint wear or muscle damage. It is best to reasonably select the training intensity and time according to your physical condition and bearing capacity.

Fitness and weight bearing may have an impact on the heart

Does fitness weight-bearing affect the heart

Weight bearing fitness may have an impact on the heart, especially for people with unhealthy heart or unsuitable for weight-bearing training. After training, it will lead to heart overload, chest tightness or palpitation. Therefore, it is best to carry out weight-bearing training reasonably according to their own physical condition.

Does fitness weight-bearing affect the heart

In addition to the impact on the heart, weight-bearing training may also damage the waist or knee, because the joints and muscles of the body are under great pressure under the weight-bearing state. If the training method is incorrect or the training intensity is too high, the body will be damaged.

Does fitness weight-bearing affect the heart

During weight-bearing training, we should reasonably select the intensity and time of weight-bearing training according to our physical condition and bearing capacity. People with poor heart or poor physical condition had better not carry out weight-bearing training, so as not to have a bad impact on the body.

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