Which city does Shuyang County belong to

Shuyang County is located in Suqian City, Jiangsu Province. Shuyang County is located in the north of Jiangsu Province and the lower reaches of Yishu Surabaya. It belongs to the transition zone between Lunan hills and Jianghuai plain. It borders Lianyungang in the East, Huai'an in the south, Suqian in the West and Xuzhou in the north. It is the junction of Xu, Lian, Huai and Su, with an administrative area of 2298 square kilometers.

Which city does Shuyang County belong to

Extended data:

The terrain of Shuyang County is irregular square, high in the West and low in the East, and most of the ground elevation is 7-4.5m. Hanshan mountain, the highest peak in the county, is 70 meters above sea level. Except for some gangling in Tongyang, Maowei, Liuji, Yuelai and other towns, the land is flat.

Shuyang County is rich in mineral resources, containing 9 kinds of non-metallic minerals and 1 kind of energy minerals, including kyanite, crystal, phosphorus, mica, yellow sand and clay. Shuyang County has a warm temperate monsoon climate with mild climate, four distinct seasons, sufficient sunshine and abundant rainfall.

The culture of Shuyang County belongs to Haizhou culture and is the confluence of Wu Chu culture and Qilu culture. Therefore, its folk customs are mainly Huaihai and Jianghuai culture, with the characteristics and features of southern Shandong.

Which city does Shuyang County belong to

Shuyang gives full play to the characteristic advantages of "hometown of flowers and trees in China" and "national ecological demonstration area", deeply excavates the historical brand of "Yuji's hometown", and focuses on building a large ecological, large tourism and large viewing system. The county has 1 national agricultural tourism demonstration site, 1 four-star rural tourism area in Jiangsu Province, 2 National 3A scenic spots and 11 national 2A scenic spots. In 2015, Shuyang was rated as a national leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration county.

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