How long does it take to steam hairy crabs

There is a standard time for steaming hairy crabs, which should be determined according to the size of crabs.

Steam crabs less than 2 for 10 minutes; Steam 3-5 pairs of crabs for 12 minutes; Steam more than two crabs for 15 minutes. Usually, the steaming time increases by about 2 minutes for every 1 or 2 weight gain.

Hairy crab is a kind of river crab. The scientific name of river crab is Eriocheir sinensis. It is widely distributed along the long coastline from Liaoning and Henan to the Pearl River in the north of China, among which the Yangtze River system has the largest output and the most delicious taste.

How long does it take to steam hairy crabs

Steamed crab:

1. Spread the crab back down on the plate and sprinkle salt, monosodium glutamate and ginger evenly on the crab.

2. Boil water, steam for 5 minutes with high fire, and then steam for 10 minutes with low fire. Generally, steam for about 20 minutes is enough. Because crabs eat rotten things, they need to steam for 15 minutes to completely sterilize.

How long does it take to steam hairy crabs

3. When steaming crabs, the crab juice dipped is usually vinegar mixed with water, and 2 or 3 drops of seafood soy sauce or ordinary soy sauce can be added. Then squeeze some ginger juice and garlic juice into it.

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