What is Qingzhong barley

Qingzhong barley is a natural wild plant in Tibet. It is deeply loved by local Tibetans. It grows in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau with an altitude of more than 4000 meters. It is a precious natural plant in Tibet. Qingzhong barley contains a variety of essential trace elements, which can effectively improve people's cardiovascular health and other problems.

What is Qingzhong barley

Qingzhong barley mostly grows in alpine shrubs, snow mountain meadows and quickstone beaches. The wind is strong, the soil is thin, and herbs and small shrubs often form a cushion and crawl on the ground. Qingzhong barley is cold resistant and suitable for dry climate in winter. The atmosphere is dry and clean, with strong radiation, more sunshine, low temperature, less accumulated temperature, thin air, cold climate, long frost period and large temperature difference between day and night. There is little precipitation, and the average annual precipitation is less than 200mm. The winter is long and dry and cold, with strong winds; In summer, it is cool and rainy, and there are many hail. The average annual temperature is below 0.

What is Qingzhong barley

Qingzhong barley is rich in trace elements such as vitamin B1, vitamin E, serotonin, glutamate, alanine and other amino acids, which can supplement the nutrient elements that are easy to be lacking in the human body. Soaking it in water can detoxify, activate blood circulation, circulate Qi, detoxify, reduce fire, dehumidify and antipyretic. Qingzhong barley can reduce blood sugar and blood pressure, and has a deep regulating effect on blood lipid. It is very beneficial to the three high crowd.

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