How many bridesmaids are usually

There is generally no fixed number of bridesmaids. The earliest bridesmaids were usually one person, but now more common is the bridesmaid group composed of the bride's girlfriends, with a number ranging from 2 to 8. However, it should be noted that the number of bridesmaids must be equal to the number of best men.

How many bridesmaids are usually

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As a ceremony, wedding carries people's blessings for a better marriage. However, at the moment when material life is becoming richer and richer, the symbolic significance of wedding is becoming more and more prominent; Wedding has become a "Vanity Fair" in a sense and a stage for social performance and social competition.

When the marriage custom culture is biased and even lost, "making bridesmaids" has become a "collective Carnival without lower limit and bottom line". The mischief and vulgarization of "making bridesmaids" make some brides' girlfriends and sisters afraid to be bridesmaids again.

How many bridesmaids are usually

The bridesmaid had better be a delicate and flexible person, because some unexpected things may happen at the wedding. At this time, the bride is often overwhelmed by happiness and can't decide. Therefore, the bridesmaid must always pay attention to the situation on the scene and put forward correct opinions and suggestions in time.

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