How do I wash the sweater

How to wash woolen sweater: dry cleaning or hand washing is recommended for woolen sweater washing. Machine washing is not allowed, which will damage the suede. Neutral detergent must be used. Generally, the ratio of water to detergent is 1:100.

Turn the inner layer of the sweater outward, soak it in warm water fully dissolved in detergent for about 5 minutes, and slowly squeeze the clothes until they are wet. Knead gently for another 2-5 minutes, do not rub hard, press it by hand after washing, press out the water, wrap it with a dry cloth, press dry the water and dry it in a ventilated place.

How do I wash the sweater

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Woolen sweater originally refers to knitwear made of wool, which is also the meaning recognized by ordinary people. In fact, "woolen sweater" has now become a synonym for a class of products, that is, it is used to generally refer to "knitted sweater" or "wool knitwear".

Wool knitwear refers to the fabric woven from wool, cashmere, rabbit hair and other animal hair fibers after spinning into yarn, such as rabbit sweater, Xuelan sweater, sheep sweater, acrylic sweater and so on.

How do I wash the sweater

Due to the superior comfort performance of wool fabric, it is used as the raw material of knitted underwear and shirt, and its inherent characteristics are transformed. People are optimistic about the excellent wearing performance of wool fabrics, and are committed to developing new wool fabric finishing processes, such as mechanical washable wool finishing, soft and shiny wool finishing, cold color dry and cool wool finishing, so as to further optimize the performance of wool and make it meet the needs of a variety of clothing.

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