Which state is Silicon Valley located in the United States

Silicon Valley is located in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay area, a metropolitan area in Northern California. It is another name for Santa Clara Valley where high-tech undertakings gather. Silicon Valley was the first place to research and produce silicon based semiconductor chips, so it is named.

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Silicon Valley is the kingdom of today's electronic industry and computer industry. Although the United States and other high-tech zones in the world are growing, Silicon Valley is still the pioneer of high-tech innovation and development. The venture capital in this region accounts for one third of the total venture capital in the United States. The number of computer companies in Silicon Valley has grown to about 1500.

Which state is Silicon Valley located in the United States

A century ago, it was an orchard and vineyard, but since the International Business Machine Corporation (IBM) and high-tech companies such as apple and Google headquarters settled here, it has become a prosperous town.

Which state is Silicon Valley located in the United States

The main part of Silicon Valley is located in Santa Clara County at the southern end of San Francisco Peninsula, mainly including a valley about 25 miles from Palo Alto to San Jose, the county capital. The total scope of Silicon Valley generally includes some cities in San Mateo County in the southwest of San Francisco Bay Area (such as Menlo Park) and some cities in Alameda County in the east of San Francisco Bay Area (such as Fremont).

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