What's the last sentence of Ren er's East, West, North and south wind

The last sentence of "let the East, West, North and south wind" is "a thousand grinding and ten thousand blows are still strong". This sentence comes from the "bamboo and stone" created by Zheng Xie, a painter in the Qing Dynasty. This poem is a poem about bamboo.

What the poet praises is not the softness of bamboo, but the fortitude of bamboo. This poem borrows things to describe people. By chanting the strong bamboo in the broken rock, the author implicitly expresses his noble thought and sentiment of never following the waves.

What's the last sentence of Ren er's East, West, North and south wind

Original text of bamboo and stone:

Hold fast to the Castle Peak and stand rooted in the broken rock.

With thousands of grinding and thousands of blows, it is still strong, and you can wind east, West, North and south.

Translation of bamboo and stone:

The castle peak was firmly fixed and did not relax. It was originally deeply rooted in the stone cracks. It's still strong when you hit the bones. You can blow the East, West, North and south wind.

What's the last sentence of Ren er's East, West, North and south wind

About the author:

Zheng Xie (1693 ~ 1765) was a calligrapher and painter and poet in the Qing Dynasty. The word Ke Rou, No. Banqiao, from Xinghua (now Xinghua, Jiangsu). He is good at painting bamboo, orchid and stone. His calligraphy is famous for "six and a half calligraphy", and his poetry is also well written, so he is called "three wonders". His paintings are unique in the art world. Together with Luo pin, Li Fangying, Li eel, Jin Nong, Huang Shen, Gao Xiang and Wang Shishen, they are called the eight monsters of Yangzhou.

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