What does labor protection equipment include

Labor protection articles include: safety helmet, respiratory protection, eye protection, ear protection, protective shoes, protective gloves, fall protection, etc.

Labor protection articles refer to a kind of defensive equipment necessary to protect the personal safety and health of workers in the production process, which plays a very important role in reducing occupational hazards.

What does labor protection equipment include

Extended data:

Labor protection articles are divided into special labor protection articles and general labor protection articles.

1. General labor protection articles

The labor protection articles not listed in the catalogue are general labor protection articles.

2. Special labor protection articles

The catalogue of special labor protection articles shall be determined and published by the State Administration of work safety.

Special labor protection articles have three certificates. Namely: production license, product qualification certificate and safety appraisal certificate (now changed to safety sign certificate of special labor protection articles).

What does labor protection equipment include

The scientific and rational allocation and use of labor protection articles can not only eliminate the economic losses caused by the accident, but also improve the work efficiency of workers, improve the economic benefit output of users, and reduce the cost investment of users in human resources and other aspects. Therefore, we must consider the following two points:

1. Comfort

In order to achieve the effect, labor protection articles increase the barrier and burden on the human body. If it is too cumbersome and cumbersome in order to have protective effect, people will not only feel uncomfortable and tired, but also affect work efficiency and shorten working hours, thus affecting the output of work and the economic benefits of the enterprise.

What does labor protection equipment include

2. Reliability

If the labor protection articles have no effect and can not prevent accidental injury, no matter how little money is spent on the labor protection articles, it is a waste. After the accident, economic losses occurred. No matter how cheap labor protection articles are, they also need to spend money. Therefore, labor protection articles must be reliable and safe, so that workers can be guaranteed in operation. This can minimize accidents and reduce economic losses.

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