Which part of China is the music representative of Yuda banana

"Rain beating plantain" is a representative repertoire of Guangdong music. "Rain beating plantain" is a folk instrumental music of the Han nationality in China. The music score was first published in the required reading of string songs compiled by Qiu hecouple in 1921, which was later adapted by Pan Yongzhang. According to Chen Junying's problem-solving, the content of the music: "one of the ancient songs of Guangdong describes the sound of rain beating plantains in early summer, which is very interesting in southern China."

Which part of China is the music representative of Yuda banana

Extended data:

Yuda plantain is the second record played by the Greater China Guangdong band. It once joined Western musical instruments. In the early days of the founding of the people's Republic of China, the delegation of central and southern China added flute, bell and other musical instruments to the music during the national folk music and dance festival. The music performance was warm and lively. Since then, the adapters in different periods have explored and processed this music from the aspects of structure, orchestration and multi sound effect, so that the music has become more and more mature and perfect in artistic form. The first record was played by three people, including Guangdong musician LV Wencheng, with a simple style, showing the fresh style of Guangdong music in the early stage.

Which part of China is the music representative of Yuda banana

At the beginning of the music, the smooth and lively melody expressed people's joy. Then the sentences are short, the rhythm is faltering, and the arranged phrases urge each other. The music is short staccato. I still hear the rain beating plantains, pattering and swaying, reflecting the fresh, smooth and lively style of Guangdong music.

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