Which country's brand is SKECH

SKECH is an American brand. SKECH brand was born in a small coastal city in California in 1992. It has developed from a small company with a single style to one of the most popular footwear brands in the world. SKECH has won many awards and is the second largest footwear brand after Nike in the U.S. market.

Which country's brand is SKECH

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SKECH brand series can meet the needs of most consumers, but a small number of consumers pursue more personalized effects. Mark Nason combines high-end men's shoes with the concept of rock music, and uses excellent Italian handicrafts and high-quality leather to create high-quality and Fashionable Boots, shoes and sandals.

Which country's brand is SKECH

As the main product of SKECH gowalk light walking shoes, SKECH gowalk light walking shoes are carefully designed for consumers who love tourism. The traditional canvas fabric makes you feel breathable and comfortable. The soft, tough and anti-skid sole that can be twisted arbitrarily makes you walk more freely. The antibacterial ORTHOLITE insole specially designed for barefoot can effectively inhibit foot odor and prevent slipping. The innovative go kinetic energy sensor can feed back the foot feeling to the brain at the first time, so that the brain can automatically adjust the pace, Make the pace more relaxed and natural.

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