What is turmeric

Turmeric, also known as baodingxiang, tulip, millilife and turmeric, is a perennial herb of Musaceae, gingeraceae and Curcuma. The rhizome of turmeric is very developed, the root is strong, the plant height is 1-1.5m, the leaves are oblong or oval, the leaf top is short and gradually sharp, and the bracts are light green, oval or oblong.

Turmeric is produced in Taiwan, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Tibet and other provinces of China. It is also widely cultivated in East and Southeast Asia.

What is turmeric

Turmeric can break Qi and blood stasis, dredge meridians and relieve pain. It is mainly used for chest and abdominal pain, shoulder and arm arthralgia, unbearable heartache, postpartum blood pain, initial onset of sore and ringworm, irregular menstruation, amenorrhea and traumatic injury. It can also extract yellow edible dyes; Curcumin can be used as analytical chemical reagent.

What is turmeric

The rhizome of turmeric is irregular oval, cylindrical or spindle shaped, often curved, dark yellow on the surface, rough, with wrinkled texture and obvious links, and circular branch marks and fibrous root marks. It is solid and not easy to break. The section is brownish yellow to golden yellow, horny and waxy. The ring pattern of endothelial layer is obvious, and the vascular bundles are scattered in spots. Its fragrance is bitter and pungent. Those with solid quality, golden section and strong aroma are preferred.

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