Yuefu Shuangbi refers to

Yuefu Shuangbi is a combination of the Han Yuefu poem Peacock Flying Southeast and the Northern Dynasty folk song Mulan poem. "Yuefu" refers to the poetic style of these two poems, and "double walls" is the good reputation of this poem.

Both Yuefu and Shuangbi are long narrative poems, which are highly praised by scholars of all dynasties for their profound social and ideological significance and high artistic achievements.

Yuefu Shuangbi refers to

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Peacock Flying Southeast

Peacock Flying Southeast is based on a marriage tragedy in Lujiang County (now Huaining and buried hill in Anhui Province) during the reign of Emperor Xian of the Eastern Han Dynasty. The original title was "the ancient poem was written by Jiao Zhongqing's wife". It is also named because the first sentence of the poem is "Peacocks Fly southeast and wander within five miles". It mainly tells the story that Jiao Zhongqing and Liu Lanzhi were forced to separate and commit suicide, accuses the cruelty of feudal ethics, and praises the sincere feelings and rebellious spirit of Jiao and Liu.

Yuefu Shuangbi refers to

Mulan Poetry

Mulan poetry is a long narrative poem classified into horizontal blowing songs · horizontal blowing songs of Liang drum horn by Guo Maoqian of Song Dynasty. The poem tells the story of a girl named Mulan, who disguised herself as a man, joined the army for her father, made meritorious contributions on the battlefield, didn't want to be an official after returning to Korea, and just wanted to go home for reunion. This poem warmly praises the woman's brave and kind quality, her enthusiasm to protect the country and her brave and fearless spirit.

The whole poem uses the techniques of character Q & A, presentation, parallelism, duality and intertextuality to describe the character's mood, depict the character's psychology, vivid and meticulous, and make the work have a strong artistic appeal.

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