What is baking powder

Baking powder is a compound bulking agent. It is a white powder made of soda powder, acidic material and corn flour as filler, also known as foaming powder and fermentation powder.

Baking powder is mainly used for rapid fermentation of grain products. It is used in making cakes, steamed cakes, steamed buns, pastries, bread and other foods.

What is baking powder

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According to different reaction speeds, bubble beating powder can be divided into slow reaction bubble beating powder, fast reaction bubble beating powder and bilateral reaction bubble beating powder. The baking powder reacts when contacting with water, acidic and alkaline powders are dissolved in water at the same time, and some of them will begin to release carbon dioxide (CO2). At the same time, more gases will be released during baking and heating, which will make the product expand and soft.

The fast reaction baking powder starts to work when it is dissolved in water, while the slow reaction baking powder starts to work in the baking heating process. The dual reaction baking powder has the reaction characteristics of both fast and slow baking powder. Generally, the baking powder on the market is double reaction baking powder.

What is baking powder

Although baking powder contains soda powder, it is added with acid powder (such as Tata powder) after precise detection to balance its pH. therefore, basically, although baking powder is alkaline, the commercially available baking powder is neutral powder. Therefore, baking powder and baking powder cannot be replaced arbitrarily.

As for corn flour as a filler in baking powder, it is mainly used to separate acidic powder and alkaline powder in baking powder to avoid their premature reaction. When the baking powder is stored, it should also try to avoid early failure due to moisture. Do not add more baking powder, but an appropriate amount. If you put more powder, it will be bitter and astringent.

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