Where is the Yuandadu site now

The Yuandadu site is located in the inner area of the old city of Beijing and its north area. It was founded in the fourth year of the Yuan Dynasty (1267) with the Jin Dynasty Daning Palace (now Qionghua island in the Beihai) as the center. The main project was completed in the Yuan Dynasty. Yuan Dadu site is the capital site of the Yuan Dynasty in China and the largest city in the world at that time.

Where is the Yuandadu site now

Extended data:

The plane of Dadu city is rectangular, and the city walls are all rammed. There are 11 city gates on all sides, which are composed of outer city, imperial city and palace city. The city is 7600 meters long from north to South and 6700 meters long from east to west, with a total area of more than 50 square kilometers.

The imperial city is located in the center of the south of the outer city, and the palace city is in the east of the imperial city. The planning and design of the whole city is dominated by the idea of establishing the capital by the Han rulers, and follows the system of "the former dynasty and the future, the left ancestor and the right society".

Where is the Yuandadu site now

Relics such as city gates, streets, water culverts, sewers and residential sites are found in the city site, and the unearthed objects are mainly porcelain. The discovery of Dadu site of Yuan Dynasty provides rich data for the study of the layout, structure and style of the capital of Yuan Dynasty.

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