What is the nature of the unit

The nature of unit refers to the nature of non natural person entities such as organs, groups, legal persons and enterprises or their subordinate departments. It is used to distinguish the category relationship of the places where the working class work.

Public institutions are generally public welfare institutions set up by the state, but they do not belong to government institutions, which are different from civil servants.

An enterprise unit is a legal person or unincorporated unit with independent accounting for the purpose of profit.

What is the nature of the unit

Extended data:

The nature of a unit is a vague concept. Different units have different definitions. General classification:

1. State administrative enterprises.

2. Public private partnership.

3. Sino foreign joint ventures.

4. Social organizations.

5. International organizations.

6. Foreign funded enterprises.

7. Private enterprises.

8. Collective enterprises

9. National defense and military enterprises.

What is the nature of the unit

Public institutions are divided into:

1. Social public welfare units, such as hospitals, schools, libraries, etc.

2. Some units that have no administrative power but are entrusted by departments with administrative power to perform administrative acts on their behalf, such as vehicle testing centers and scientific research departments subordinate to the Transportation Bureau.

3. Welfare commercial institutions established by administrative organs, hotels, guest houses, police material stores, public internal publication departments, etc.

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