Stethoscope was first invented to

Stethoscope was originally invented to avoid clinging to the patient's body. Stethoscope is a kind of medical instrument, which is used to listen to the sounds in the body, such as heart, breathing, intestines and stomach, etc. Stethoscope was created in 1816 by French doctor Rene K and published in 1819.

Stethoscope was first invented to

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Stethoscope is the most commonly used diagnostic tool for women and children doctors at home and abroad. It is the symbol of doctors. Modern medicine began with the invention of stethoscope. Since the stethoscope was applied in clinic on March 8, 1817, its shape and sound transmission mode have been continuously improved, but its basic structure has changed little. It is mainly composed of pickup part (chest part), conduction part (rubber tube) and listening part (ear part).

Stethoscope was first invented to

The stethoscope design conforms to the patented ergonomic ear canal and ear sinus angle. It can fit comfortably with the ear canal of the listener without fatigue and discomfort. Before putting on the ear tube, please pull the ear tube of the stethoscope outward; The metal ear tube should be tilted forward, and the ear tube should be put into your external ear canal to close the ear sinus closely with your ear canal; Everyone's ear canal is different in size. You can choose an ear sinus of appropriate size.

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