What country is Andersen from

Andersen is from Denmark. Hans Christian Andersen is a famous Danish fairy tale writer in the 19th century. He is not only one of the representatives of world literature fairy tales, but also a devout Christian. He is known as "the sun of world children's Literature".

What country is Andersen from

Extended data:

Andersen was born in a poor shoemaker family in Odense, Denmark. He lived a poor childhood. Father is a shoemaker and mother is a servant. In his early years, he studied in charity school and worked as an apprentice. Influenced by his father and folk oral literature, he loved literature since childhood.

At the age of 11, his father died of illness and his mother remarried. In pursuit of art, he came to the capital Copenhagen alone at the age of 14. After eight years of struggle, he finally showed his talent in the poetic drama alfsol. Therefore, he was sent by the Royal Theatre of art to slagelse grammar school and helsinko school for free.

In 1828, he was promoted to the University of Copenhagen. After graduation, I have no job and mainly rely on royalties to make a living.

What country is Andersen from

Andersen received a royal tribute and was praised as "bringing joy to a generation of children all over Europe". His fairy tale works have been translated into more than 150 languages and published all over the world. In terms of adult works, the novel "impromptu poet" won him international reputation and is his representative work of adult literature. His work Andersen's fairy tales has been translated into more than 150 languages, and thousands of fairy tale books have been released and published all over the world.

On August 4, 1875, Andersen died of liver cancer at the age of 70.

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