How long is the wine shelf life

The shelf life of domestic wine is generally 2 to 10 years; In foreign countries, wine generally has no shelf life, only the expression of the best drinking period. For example, the best drinking period is within five or six years after dry red and dry white wine leaves the factory.

In China, relevant laws require that the shelf life of wine must be indicated on the label, so the saying of wine shelf life is a feature of China.

How long is the wine shelf life

Storage of wine:

Flat placement: it is ideal to place the wine flat, so that the cork can be contacted with the wine to maintain its humidity. Otherwise, if the wine is placed straight for too long, the cork will become dry and fragile, and the bottle mouth cannot be closed completely, resulting in the oxidation of the wine.

How long is the wine shelf life

Constant temperature: the temperature of wine storage environment should be maintained at 12 ~ 15 ℃, otherwise the temperature change is too large, which will not only destroy the wine body, but also affect the cork and cause wine seepage under the action of thermal expansion and cold contraction.

Therefore, if the wine storage environment can be maintained at a certain temperature of 5 ~ 20 degrees and maintain a change of ± 2 degrees, it is also ideal.

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