What is bezoar

Bezoar is a gallstone of bovine gallbladder in mammalian bovine family of cristaeda. "Bile yolk" or "egg yolk" produced in the gallbladder, "tube yellow" produced in the bile duct and "liver yellow" produced in the hepatic duct. Most intact bezoars are oval, light, golden to yellowish brown on the surface, delicate and shiny.

What is bezoar

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that bezoar is fragrant, slightly bitter and then sweet, and cool in nature. It can be used for antipyretic, detoxification and calming shock. Oral administration is used to treat high fever, coma, madness, infantile convulsion, convulsion and other diseases, and external use is used to treat sore throat, sore mouth, carbuncle and uremia. Natural bezoar is very precious. The international price is higher than that of gold. Most of them use artificial bezoar.

What is bezoar

Bezoar can inhibit the central nervous system and has the effects of sedation, analgesia, antipyretic and anticonvulsant; Bezoar has a strong heat clearing and detoxifying effect. It is used for sore throat, ulceration and sore tongue. It can be used with musk, pearl, borneol and other external uses, such as Babao blowing throat powder, or taken orally with caohejia, honeysuckle, Scutellaria, realgar and so on, such as bezoar detoxifying pill, and can treat all carbuncle, gangrene and toxin; It is used for breast cancer, scrofula, carbuncle and other diseases. It takes bezoar as the main medicine and is combined with musk, frankincense and other drugs to clear away heat, detoxify, promote blood circulation and disperse knots, such as Xihuang Pill.

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