What is ammonia

Ammonia water, also known as amonia water, is an aqueous solution of ammonia, colorless, transparent and pungent. It is an important chemical raw material and a common reagent in chemical experiments.

Ammonia is the intermediate product of chemical fertilizer industry. It is easy to dissolve in water to produce ammonia, which is alkaline. Because ammonia can be directly applied to farmland as fertilizer, it is widely used in rural areas.

What is ammonia

Ammonia is used as agricultural fertilizer. In the chemical industry, it is used to manufacture various ammonium salts, aminating agents for organic synthesis, and catalysts for the production of thermosetting phenolic resin.

In the textile industry, it is used in wool spinning, silk, printing and dyeing industries, for washing wool, woolen cloth, grey cloth oil stain, dyeing aid, adjusting pH, etc. In addition, it is used for pharmaceutical, tanning, hot water bottle liner (preparation of silver plating solution), alkalization of rubber and grease.

What is ammonia

Ammonia is easy to decompose and release ammonia. The higher the temperature, the faster the decomposition speed, and an explosive atmosphere can be formed. In case of high heat, the internal pressure of the container will increase, and there is a risk of cracking and explosion. React violently with strong oxidants and acids. Contact with halogen, mercury oxide and silver oxide will form compounds sensitive to vibration.

Exposure to the following substances can cause combustion and explosion: trimethylamine, amino compounds, platinum, oxyfluoride, cesium oxydifluoride, haloboron, mercury, iodine, bromine, hypochlorite, chlorine bleaching, organic anhydride, isocyanate, vinyl acetate, alkenyl oxide, epichlorohydrin and aldehydes.

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