What is calcium carbide

Calcium carbide, commonly known as calcium carbide, is the basic raw material of organic synthetic chemical industry. Because calcium carbide can conduct electricity, the higher the purity, the easier it is to conduct electricity, so it is called calcium carbide.

The chemical property of calcium carbide is very active. It decomposes violently in contact with water to produce acetylene gas and calcium hydroxide, and releases a lot of heat to react with nitrogen to produce calcium cyanamide. Calcium carbide is one of the basic raw materials in organic synthetic chemical industry.

What is calcium carbide

Calcium carbide is gray, yellowish brown or black, and those with high calcium carbide are purple. Its newly created section is shiny and absorbs water in the air in gray or gray white. It can conduct electricity. The higher the purity, the better the conductivity. It absorbs water in the air. Add water to decompose into acetylene and calcium hydroxide. It reacts with nitrogen to form calcium cyanamide.

What is calcium carbide

Calcium carbide is an important raw material of acetylene chemical industry. Acetylene prepared from calcium carbide is widely used in metal welding and cutting. During operation, it is recommended that the staff wear self-priming filter dust mask, chemical safety glasses, chemical protective clothing and rubber gloves.

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