What does ESP mean and what is its function

The Chinese name of ESP is body stability system, which is the active safety configuration of the vehicle. It is mainly a device to prevent vehicle side slip. When the four-wheel speed difference is too large, it will turn off the power output and brake one or more wheels by calculation to stabilize the vehicle body.

Body electronic stability system is a general term for a system or program that aims to improve the vehicle's handling performance and effectively prevent the vehicle from getting out of control when it reaches its dynamic limit.

What does ESP mean and what is its function

ESP helps the vehicle maintain dynamic balance by analyzing the vehicle driving status information transmitted from each sensor, and then sending deviation correction instructions to ABS, EBD, etc. ESP can maintain the best stability of the vehicle under various conditions, and the effect is more obvious in the case of oversteer or understeer.

What does ESP mean and what is its function

Automobile ESP system is a chassis braking technology developed on the basis of anti lock control system. It is mainly composed of control unit, steering sensor, wheel speed sensor, side slip sensor, lateral acceleration sensor, etc.

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