How long can prawns be cooked

Depending on the size of the shrimp, the time required is also different. If the shrimp is small, it is usually cooked in 2-3 minutes. If the shrimp is large, it usually takes about 5 minutes to cook. Shrimp is suitable for soft and rotten food. Cooking for too long will damage its nutritional value.

How long can prawns be cooked

Cold or hot water for shrimp Cooking:

It's best to use hot water to cook shrimp. The reason is that when the shrimp is boiled in hot water, the appearance of the shrimp quickly ripens, which protects the vitamins in the shrimp meat. At the same time, it can kill the enzymes in the shrimp meat. If the enzyme is boiled in cold water, it will decompose some nutrients when it reaches a certain conditional temperature.

How long can prawns be cooked

matters needing attention:

Shrimp is one of the ingredients that are particularly easy to deteriorate. Once it decays, it will produce volatile amines, and the shrimp meat is soft and inelastic. These are the characteristics of shrimp.

It should also be noted that shrimp is rich in protein, calcium and other nutrients. If they are eaten together with fruits containing tannic acid, such as grapes, pomegranates, hawthorn and persimmons, it will not only reduce the nutritional value of protein, but also stimulate the intestines and stomach and cause human discomfort after the combination of tannic acid and calcium acid to form calcium tannate.

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