What is wheat bran

Wheat bran, or wheat bran, is a by-product of wheat flour processing. It is wheat yellow, flake or powdery. The wheat skin is divided into 6 layers, and the outer 5 layers contain more crude fiber, less nutrition and difficult to digest.

In addition, wheat peel contains a large amount of vitamin B, rich in cellulose and vitamins. It is mainly used for food, medicine, feed raw materials, wine making, etc.

What is wheat bran

Wheat skin is rich in dietary fiber, which is an essential nutritional element for human body. It can improve the fiber composition in food, improve the secret knot of stool, and promote the excretion of fat and nitrogen. It is of great significance for the prevention and treatment of common clinical fiber deficiency diseases.

Due to the intake of high fiber components, the excretion of steroids in feces can be reduced, and the main catabolic process of cholesterol in human body is excretion through feces, so it can reduce serum cholesterol and slow down the formation of atherosclerosis.

What is wheat bran

Wheat peel can reduce the risk of rectal cancer. An experimental study of patients at the New York Hospital Medical Center found that a daily serving of two ounces of wheat bran can shrink early rectal polyps in six months. At the same time, the study found that a diet rich in wheat bran can reduce the estrogen content of premenopausal women, thus reducing the risk of breast cancer.

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