What is Qianye tofu made of

Qianye tofu is refined from soybean protein isolate, starch, edible oil and other main materials. It is a new century food with low fat, low carbohydrate and rich protein. It not only keeps the original tenderness of tofu, but also has unique Q strength and crispness, but also has super soup absorption ability. With modern cooking, it can make high-quality new fashion delicacies.

What is Qianye tofu made of

Although Qianye tofu belongs to bean products, it is not tofu and tofu products. Its production raw materials, production technology, product physical and chemical indexes, internal organizational structure, product taste and nutritional components are essentially different from tofu. It can be boiled, fried, boiled, steamed, hot pot, etc. the raw materials are simple, but the plate is exquisite, which shows the grade. The thousand page tofu tastes elastic and smooth, and the taste is delicious.

What is Qianye tofu made of

There are many ways to eat Qianye tofu, which can not only be cooked alone, but also be used as main ingredient, auxiliary ingredient or seasoning; Suitable for a variety of cooking methods, steaming, stewing, frying, smoking and cold mixing; It can be made into a variety of dishes and shapes, including cold dishes, hot dishes, hot pot, rolls, sandwiches, pills, bags, etc; It can be modulated into various flavors. It not only has the original flavor of bean flavor, but also easily absorbs other seasoning flavors to make different flavors.

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