What is a snow swallow

Snow swallow is the pith secretion of pingpo plant. It is called "snow bird's nest" because its bubble hair is similar to the bird's nest. It mainly grows in Myanmar and Yunnan, China, with a small amount in Vietnam. In addition, when the snow swallow is just secreted, it is crystal clear. After contact with the air and oxidation, the color gradually turns yellow to form red, black and brown snow swallow.

What is a snow swallow

Xueyan is made by artificially cutting the trunk of pingpo tree, drilling holes to collect pith secretion and air drying. When the snow swallow is just secreted, it is as crystal clear as crystal. After contact with air and oxidation, the color gradually turns yellow to form red, black and brown snow swallow; Due to the wind, it is easy to adhere to dust, bark and other impurities. There is a sour smell when the snow swallow is secreted. After the snow swallow is soaked, the sour smell disappears immediately, and there is no sour smell when eaten.

What is a snow swallow

In terms of nutrients, snow swallow is composed of polysaccharides and other substances. Water soluble macromolecule polysaccharides can adsorb a large number of water molecules to form gelatinous. They can neither be digested nor absorbed by gastrointestinal tract nor produce energy, so they can slow down the absorption of sugar by the intestine and reduce the body's intake of sugar, thereby reducing blood glucose and controlling energy intake.

Therefore, snow swallow can be used as a supplementary treatment for diabetes. In addition, as a kind of dietary fiber, eating can also alleviate constipation and promote defecation.

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