What's the difference between original and genuine

Difference between original and genuine products:

1. Different prices

Although the manufacturer and brand of the original order and genuine product are the same, the price of the original order is much lower than that of the genuine product.

2. Different sales channels

Both the original and genuine products belong to the genuine products of a brand, but the genuine products at the counter are listed through formal channels, while the original genuine products are sold through other channels after being eliminated.

3. Different quality

The quality of the original order is generally not as good as the genuine products in the counter, because the items in the original order are defective and eliminated. Genuine products are carefully selected qualified products.

What's the difference between original and genuine

Extended data:

The original order, also known as the remaining order, the last order and the last goods, is provided by major foreign brands with fabrics and versions, and is produced by domestic manufacturers. Qualified quality is the "genuine" in the exclusive store. The manufacturer secretly takes part of the clothes produced from the planned waste materials, which is the "original order".

Identification method:

1. Look at the stitches

According to the original order identification method, the real foreign trade clothing has high requirements for stitches, and there are strict requirements for the number of stitches per inch. Therefore, intuitively, the stitches of real foreign trade clothing are uniform and fine, while fakes often can't take so much into account.

2. Look at the accessories

Sometimes, it is difficult to distinguish between true and false foreign trade clothing in terms of fabrics, so we should look at the accessories from a small place. Most of the accessories of real foreign trade clothing are provided by customers, with exquisite workmanship and brand characteristics, such as zippers, buttons, small marks on clothes, etc., and some also have brand marks. If the workmanship is rough, or a large number of clothes use the same kind of buttons and other accessories, It could be a fake.

What's the difference between original and genuine

3. See if it's washed

Many real foreign trade clothes go through the pre washing process, which is not easy to shrink, feel good, and some substances harmful to the human body can be removed, while many fakes have not gone through this process, which is obviously different in the feel and appearance of fabrics.

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