Is broadband WiFi

no Broadband refers to the network access mode with high transmission speed, and WiFi is a signal. The signal can be received only through WiFi transmitter, mobile phone, tablet, etc. WiFi transmitters usually have wireless routers, portable WiFi and so on. If broadband is installed, there is no WiFi, and a wireless router needs to be installed to have WiFi.

Is broadband WiFi

What is broadband:

Broadband is the vehicle we need to get knowledge online. For example, you bought a dress from Zhejiang in Guangzhou. The carrier responsible for transporting the dress to your hand can be aircraft, trucks, etc. At this time, we can compare logistics to broadband. Broadband transmits signals from one end of a wired network to the other end, and then converts special signals into signals that we can use normally through optical cat [modem].

Is broadband WiFi

What is WiFi:

WiFi is a trademark of the manufacturer of Wi Fi alliance. As a brand certification of products, WiFi is a wireless LAN technology founded on IEEE 802.11 standard.

Through the text understanding of "wireless LAN technology", we can know that this is a way to surf the Internet without a line. It is a bit similar to the antenna used to watch TV and listen to the radio signal. Only the former is a small range of local families, and the latter is a point-to-point launch.

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