What is cellulose

Cellulose is a macromolecular polysaccharide composed of glucose, which exists in plants. Cellulose will not be absorbed by the human body, but it can absorb a large amount of water, promote the gastrointestinal peristalsis of the human body, increase defecation, promote the excretion of stool, so that the harmful substances of the human body, including carcinogens, can be quickly discharged from the body, and the residence time in the human body can be significantly shortened.

What is cellulose

Cellulose can also reduce the stimulation of toxic substances to the human body. Cellulose in many vegetables and fruits contains, can be used to treat diabetes, prevent coronary heart disease, reduce blood pressure, and even help weight loss, treat habitual constipation, for cancer prevention, anti-cancer also has certain effect. In daily life, as long as we eat vegetables reasonably, we can achieve the purpose of using cellulose to treat physical discomfort.

What is cellulose

Cellulose is the main structural component of plant cell wall. It is usually combined with hemicellulose, pectin and lignin. Its combination mode and degree have a great impact on the texture of plant derived food. The change of texture of plants during ripening and post ripening is caused by the change of pectin.

There is no cellulase in human digestive tract, and cellulose is an important dietary fiber. It is the most widely distributed and abundant polysaccharide in nature.

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