What is a brain flower

Brain flower is a nickname for pig brain. It is a common food material in life. It is the brain of poultry and pigs. It is often cut open after pigs are slaughtered and then taken out. It can be used directly fresh or eaten after refrigeration. The nutritional value of brain flower is particularly high. People have a variety of benefits to their health after eating it.

What is a brain flower

Brain flower contains a variety of nutrients beneficial to human body, such as protein, fat, calcium, iron, phosphorus and other trace elements, which are the most important existence in brain flower. In addition, vitamin B and niacin are also the main nutrients of brain flower. People can quickly absorb and utilize these nutrients after eating, which can promote body metabolism and improve body function.

What is a brain flower

Naohua tastes sweet and has a flat nature. It can not only replenish the brain marrow, but also remove wind and heat, moisturize and regenerate muscles. At ordinary times, it can be used for the treatment and prevention of vertigo caused by human kidney deficiency and brain marrow deficiency, as well as tinnitus, brain insomnia and other diseases. In addition, naohua can also treat human chilblain. During treatment, it can be directly applied to the parts with plasma sores.

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