When is mother's day

Mother's Day is the second Sunday in May of the Gregorian calendar. Mother's Day is a festival to thank mothers. Mothers usually receive gifts on this day. Carnations are regarded as flowers dedicated to their mothers, while the mother flower in China is Hemerocallis, also known as forget worry grass. On Mother's day, children send a worry free grass to their mother, wishing her mother to stay away from worry and sorrow, physical and mental pleasure, health and longevity.

When is mother's day

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Mother's day came into the mainland after it became popular in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Precious jewelry, carnations symbolizing mother's love, special love desserts and exquisite handmade greeting cards have become gifts of love to mother.

In the 1980s, mother's Day was gradually accepted by the people in mainland China. Since 1988, some cities in southern China, such as Guangzhou, have begun to hold mother's Day celebrations, and the selection of "good mothers" has been one of the contents.

When is mother's day

In the late twentieth Century, with the increasing integration of China and the international community, the mother's Day festival was spreading in Chinese mainland. More and more people began to accept the concept of mother's day. On the second Sunday of May, Chinese and other people in other countries all over the world expressed their gratitude for their mother's rearing kindness in various ways.

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