What is similo

Similo, also known as sago rice, is a kind of processed rice produced in the Malay islands. Some sago is processed from cassava powder, wheat starch and bract flour, and some are made from starch extracted from palm plants, which looks like pearls. There are three kinds of small sago, middle sago and big sago, which are often used to make porridge, soup, dessert and other foods.

What is similo

In the southwest Pacific, sago is the main food, and its coarse powder is used to make soup, cakes and pudding; Around the world, the main way to eat is to make pudding or sauce thickener. Used as stiffening agent in textile industry. In SELAN Island, Borneo, Indonesia, the area of simi palm forest is huge. A large amount of sago produced in Borneo is imported into Europe. Due to the increasing demand, the planting area is also expanding.

What is similo

Simi makes the kitchen more romantic. Fill a glass of simi dew with a red wine glass. In the warm sunshine in the winter afternoon, sit on the swing seat with your lover on the balcony and share this sweetness together. Or at dinner, iron candlesticks light pink candles and eat chicken sago with your family. It's nutritious and considerate.

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