What kind of tea does cinnamon tea belong to

Cinnamon tea belongs to oolong tea, which is mainly produced in the famous Wuyishan Scenic Spot in Wuyishan City, Fujian Province. Cinnamon tea is oolong tea made from the fresh leaves of cinnamon improved tea tree and the production technology of Wuyi rock tea. It is one of the famous varieties of Wuyi rock tea in Oolong tea.

What kind of tea does cinnamon tea belong to

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Cinnamon, also known as Yugui, was originally one of the famous clusters of Wuyi. It has become famous in the Qing Dynasty. In addition to the taste of rock tea, cinnamon is welcomed by people for its pungent and lasting aroma.

According to experts' evaluation, cinnamon has obvious cinnamon aroma, and the aroma remains after a long bubble; The entrance is mellow and fresh, the soup is yellow and clear, the leaf bottom is yellow and bright, the strings are tight and curly, the color is brown green, oily and shiny.

In the long years, the output of cinnamon was very few. It was young in the early 1950s and promoted to the whole city in the 1980s. It became a rising star of Wuyi famous cluster and was initially rated as a provincial improved variety. Wuyi Rock Tea cinnamon originated from matouyan horse pillow peak.

What kind of tea does cinnamon tea belong to

Cinnamon tea was one of the ten varieties planted in Wuyishan tea garden in the early 1940s. Since the 1960s, due to its special quality, it has been gradually recognized by people, and the planting area has expanded year by year. Now it has developed to shuilian cave, niulankeng, matouyan, Tianxin rock, huiyuankeng, Yingzui rock, Liuxiang stream, Zhuke, Wuyuan stream, jiulongke and other places in Wuyishan, It has become the main variety of Wuyi rock tea.

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