What is the last sentence on the long river with a round sunset

The last sentence of "the long river falls into the yen" is "the desert is lonely and smoke is straight". From the envoy to the plug by Wang Wei.

"Envoy to the frontier" is a poem written by Wang Wei, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, on his way to the frontier to comfort the soldiers. It describes the journey on the frontier and the scenery outside the Great Wall.

What is the last sentence on the long river with a round sunset

Original text of ancient poetry:

Put on the plug

The bicycle wants to ask the side, but the country is too long.

Zheng Peng goes out of hansai and returns to Hu Tian.

The desert smoke is straight, and the river falls.

Xiao Guanfeng is waiting to ride, and he protects Yanran.


I want to go to the border by bike. The country I pass by has passed Juyan.

Thousands of miles of Feipeng also floated out of hansai, and geese returning to the north are flying in the sky.

In the vast desert, the smoke rises straight, and the sunset on the endless Yellow River is round.

Meet the detective Knight at Xiaoguan and tell me that Duhu is already in Yanran.

What is the last sentence on the long river with a round sunset

Appreciation of ancient poetry:

The first two sentences of this poem explain the purpose and destination of this trip, and why the poem was made; The two sentences of the chin couplet contain multiple meanings. They write a sense of wandering through the self-condition of pengcao; The two sentences of the neck couplet depict the magnificent scene in the border desert, with a broad realm and vigorous atmosphere; The last two sentences falsely write that the war has been won, showing admiration for Duhu.

This poem not only reflects the frontier fortress life, but also expresses the poet's loneliness, loneliness and sadness caused by being excluded, as well as the generous and tragic feelings after being edified, purified and sublimated in the magnificent scenery of the desert, revealing an open-minded feeling.

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