What part is a hoof

Hoof is the name of Jiangnan and southwest China. It is also the elbow in the north. It is the part of the pig's leg close to the pig's hoof.

Elbow can be divided into front elbow and back elbow. The front elbow (also known as front hoof) has thick skin, many tendons, heavy gum and lean meat. It is often cooked with skin. It is fat but not greasy. It is suitable to burn, grill, sauce, stew, marinate and make soup; The back elbow (also known as the back hoof) has more connective tissue than the front elbow, the skin is old and tough, and the quality is worse than the front elbow. Its cooking method and use are basically the same as the front elbow.

What part is a hoof

Hoofed beetles contain more protein, fat and carbohydrates, which can accelerate metabolism and delay aging.

What part is a hoof

Due to the high content of cholesterol in hooves, the elderly with weakened gastrointestinal digestive function should not eat too much at one time; People with hepatobiliary disease, arteriosclerosis and hypertension should eat less or not. Eat too late for dinner or don't eat hoof before going to bed, so as not to increase blood viscosity.

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