What is a black box

The black box is one of the special electronic recording equipment for aircraft. There are generally two, namely flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder. The black box is usually installed in the safest part of the tail of the aircraft. All mechanical parts and electronic instruments of the aircraft are equipped with sensors connected to it.

What is a black box

The shell of the black box has a thick steel plate and many layers of thermal insulation, impact and compression protection materials. It is usually installed in the safest part of the tail of the aircraft. The recording medium has also been improved from magnetic tape to a static storage recorder that can withstand greater impact, which is similar to the storage chip in the computer to prevent the black box from being damaged in the air crash.

The information recorded by the flight recorder can be used for flight accident analysis. People can send it to a flight simulator after processing according to the data and voice records recorded before the aircraft crash to reproduce the process of the accident and visually analyze the cause of the accident.

What is a black box

After the aircraft is powered on, the black box will automatically start to work and record the operation and status information of relevant aircraft systems, flight personnel operation information and relevant audio and video information on the aircraft, which is not controlled by personnel. According to the requirements of civil aviation, the data information of the black box is collected from aircraft sensors and related systems in real time. The flight data and 2-hour audio data at least 25 hours before power failure must be retained, and the recorded data cannot be changed.

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