How many years is silver wedding

European custom calls the 25th anniversary of marriage silver wedding. Silver wedding is a kind of wedding anniversary. In addition, there are corresponding golden wedding, diamond wedding and so on.

The wedding anniversary refers to the day on which the marriage is commemorated after marriage. But in fact, the most celebrated and grand are "silver marriage (25 years)" and "Golden Marriage (50 years)". Generally, relatives and friends should be invited to banquets and anniversary meetings. Few people can celebrate the diamond wedding (60 or 80 years).

How many years is silver wedding

Every anniversary after marriage has different names and symbolic meanings:

The first year is paper marriage (meaning a marriage relationship printed on a piece of paper, which means that the initial combination is as thin as paper, so be careful to protect it!)

Cotton marriage in the second year (thicker, still need to be tempered!)

Leather wedding in the third year (a little tenacious at first)

The fourth year of silk marriage (tightly wrapped, as flexible as silk, you are strong and I am strong.)

Wooden marriage in the fifth year (hard hearted, tough)

The sixth year of iron marriage (the couple's feelings are as hard and solid as iron)

Bronze marriage in the seventh year (more rustless and indestructible than iron)

The eighth year of Tao marriage (as beautiful as ceramics and must be taken care of)

Willow marriage in the ninth year (like a weeping willow, you are not afraid of wind and rain.)

The tenth year of the tin wedding (as strong as tin ware, it is not easy to fall below.)

Steel marriage in the eleventh year (as hard as steel, unchanged in this life.)

The twelfth year of chain marriage (like an iron chain, heart to heart)

The 13th Lace Wedding (colorful and diversified life)

The 14th year of ivory marriage (the longer the time, the brighter and beautiful the color)

Porcelain wedding in the 20th year (smooth and flawless, need to be protected from falling below)

How many years is silver wedding

Silver wedding in the 25th year (it has permanent value and is the first big celebration after marriage)

The 30th Pearl Wedding (as round, beautiful and precious as a pearl)

The 35th year of coral marriage (bright red and precious, outstanding color)

The 40th ruby wedding (rare and precious, eternal color)

The 45th sapphire wedding (precious and brilliant, worth cherishing)

Golden wedding in the 50th year (supreme, the second largest celebration after marriage, love is as strong as gold, and love lasts for a long time)

The 55th year of jade marriage (such as jade, hard to find in life)

Diamond wedding in the 60th year (the biggest wedding ceremony in a couple's life, rare, no regrets in this life, is the most prosperous ceremony in Chongqing)

Every sixty-one or seventy wedding anniversary is collectively referred to as "fulushou marriage" by the Chinese people.

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