What is Jiang Feng's sentence to sorrow sleep

The last sentence of "Jiang Feng's fishing fire is worried about sleep" is "the moon is crowing and frost is all over the sky". This sentence comes from the Night Mooring on the maple bridge by the Poet Zhang Ji of the Tang Dynasty.

After the an Shi rebellion in the Tang Dynasty, Zhang Jitu wrote this poem while passing through Hanshan Temple. This poem accurately and delicately describes the observation and feeling of a night Moorer of a passenger ship on the late autumn night scene in the south of the Yangtze River, and outlines the scenes such as the crowing of the moon, the cold night on a frosty day, the fishing fire of Jiangfeng, the passengers of a lone boat, etc.

What is Jiang Feng's sentence to sorrow sleep

The original poem of Night Mooring on Maple Bridge:

The moon is setting, the crow is crowing, and the frost is all over the sky. Jiang Feng's fishing fire is worrying about his sleep.

At Hanshan Temple outside Suzhou, the bell goes to the passenger ship at midnight.

Translation of Night Mooring on Maple Bridge:

The moon has set. Crows are crowing and the sky is cold. They sleep sadly against the maple trees and fishing fires by the river. In the lonely and quiet Hanshan ancient temple outside Suzhou, the sound of bell ringing in the middle of the night reached the passenger ship.

What is Jiang Feng's sentence to sorrow sleep

About the author:

Zhang Ji (about 715-779), a poet of the Tang Dynasty, was born in Xiangyang (now Hubei). In the 12th year of Tianbao (753), he was a Jinshi. He once served as a military aide, and later as a salt and iron magistrate. He also belonged to the position of aide. During Zong Dali's reign in the Tang Dynasty, he served as a doctor in the procurator's temple Department (in addition, there are historical records of "yuanwailang").

In the biography of the talent of the Tang Dynasty, he said that he was "knowledgeable, easy to talk, knowledgeable and good at governing the body". He mentioned that he was a person who valued integrity, ambition and ideals. He not only had the name of the poem, but also his character was respected. His poems are straightforward and exciting, not carved, deeper than interest and reasonable, which have a great influence on later generations. Less than fifty songs have been handed down. There is a collection of poems by Zhang cibu.

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