How to wash clothes with pomegranate water

Pomegranate water can be used to wash clothes with salt. Sprinkle some salt and gently scrub where there are stains. If there are still stains, you can scrub with washing powder or soap. If the pomegranate juice has been on the clothes for a long time, you can pour the vinegar in the stained place, let it stand for a while, and then gently scrub it, you can effectively remove the pomegranate juice from the clothes.

How to wash clothes with pomegranate water

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Pomegranate juice contains a variety of amino acids and trace elements, which can help digestion, resist gastric ulcer, soften blood vessels, reduce blood lipid and blood sugar, reduce cholesterol and other functions. It can prevent coronary heart disease and hypertension, strengthen the stomach and refresh, enhance appetite, prolong life, and have a miraculous effect on those who drink too much.

How to wash clothes with pomegranate water

Pomegranate is a treasure all over the body. The peel, root and flower can be used as medicine. Its peel contains malic acid, tannin, alkaloids and other components. According to relevant experiments, pomegranate peel has obvious bacteriostatic and astringent functions, which can astringe intestinal mucosa and reduce intestinal mucilage secretion. Therefore, it can effectively treat diarrhea, dysentery and other diseases, and has a good inhibitory effect on dysentery bacilli and Enterobacter.

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