What is sweet potato

Sweet potato is an annual or perennial vine herb, also known as potato, red taro, sweet potato, sweet potato, sweet potato, white taro, sweet potato, sweet potato, etc. There are different names for different regions. Root tubers can be used as grain, feed and industrial raw materials. Sweet potato is a short day crop that likes light. It likes temperature, is not cold resistant, has developed roots and is more drought resistant.

What is sweet potato

The planting systems of potato areas in China are different. The spring potato area in the north is ripe once a year, which is often rotated with corn, soybean, potato and so on. Spring Potato in spring and summer potato area is planted in winter fallow land in spring, and summer potato is planted after winter crops such as wheat, pea and rape are harvested, mainly three crops in two years. Most sweet potatoes in the summer potato area of the Yangtze River Basin are distributed in hills and mountains. Summer potatoes are planted after wheat and beans are harvested, and double cropping is the most common one year.

What is sweet potato

In other summer and Autumn Potato and autumn and winter potato areas, in the rotation system of sweet potato and rice, early rice and Autumn Potato account for a certain proportion. In the two-year four cropping system in dry land, summer and autumn potatoes account for one crop respectively. In the area south of the Tropic of cancer, sweet potatoes can be planted in all seasons, with a significant proportion in autumn and winter. In dry land, soybean, peanut and Autumn Potato are used in rotation; Two multiple cropping methods of winter potato, early rice, late rice or winter potato, late seedling field and late rice are common in paddy field.

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