When will the moon shine on me

When will the bright moon shine on me? The previous sentence is "the spring breeze is green on the South Bank of the river". It comes from "berthing Guazhou" by poet Wang Anshi of Song Dynasty.

At the beginning of the poem, it not only has Bixing, but also forms a strong contrast between the proximity of space and the length of time through exaggeration, which is close to the emotional burst of "when the bright moon shines on me" at the end, which has the potential of breaking the silver bottle. The whole poem is not only lyrical and emotional through the scenery, but also full of emotion in narration, open realm and fresh style.

When will the moon shine on me

Original text of ancient poetry:

Berthing Guazhou

There are only a few mountains between Guazhou in Jingkou and Zhongshan.

The spring breeze is green on the South Bank of the river. When will the moon shine on me.


Standing at Guazhou ferry, looking to the south, there is only a Yangtze River between Jingkou and Guazhou. Zhongshan, where I live, is hidden behind several mountains.

The warm spring breeze once again greened the fields in the south of the Yangtze River. When can the bright moon shine on me and return to my home at the foot of Zhongshan?

When will the moon shine on me

About the author:

Wang Anshi, named Jiefu, was born in Linchuan, Fuzhou (now Linchuan District, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province). He was a famous thinker, politician, writer and reformer in the Northern Song Dynasty.

In 1042, Wang Anshi became a scholar. He has successively served as the signatory of Yangzhou, the magistrate of Yinxian county and the general judge of Shuzhou, with remarkable political achievements. During Xining's reign, he served as a counselor in political affairs, worshipped the prime minister and presided over the reform. He was dismissed in 1074 because of the opposition of the Conservatives. After the Conservatives gained power, all the new laws were abolished, and they died of depression in Zhongshan as a gift to the Taifu. In 1094, he received the posthumous title of "Wen" and was later called King Wengong. There are "Wang Linchuan collection", "Linchuan collection collection" and so on.

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