What month is World Food Day

World Food Day is October 16 every year. World Food Day is a day when governments around the world hold commemorative activities around the development of food and agricultural production every year. Its purpose is to arouse the world's great attention to the development of food and agricultural production.

Every year, international agencies, including FAO, governments and civil society organizations will carry out various publicity and commemoration activities on World Food Day.

What month is World Food Day

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In 1996, the United Nations Food and agriculture organization set the theme of world food day as "fighting hunger and malnutrition".

In 1997, it was designated as "investment in food security" to mobilize world forces, increase agricultural investment and enhance the effective supply capacity of food.

The theme of World Food Day 2009 is "responding to the crisis and achieving food security". It emphasizes the serious plight of malnutrition of 1.02 billion people around the world and the need to help the hungry in the current depressed economic environment.

What month is World Food Day

On October 12, 2012, the office of world food day and national food loving and Saving Publicity Week held a press conference in Jinan. On October 16, world food day, the State Food Administration will launch an initiative among the national food cadres and workers for the first time, advocating voluntary participation in 24-hour hunger experience activities, so as to better alert the world "Do not forget disaster years in good years, do not forget economy in increasing production, and do not waste consumption".

On October 16, 2019, the main venue activities of 2019 World Food Day and national food security publicity week were launched in Hefei, Anhui Province.

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